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April 15th Protests

I really love the tax protesters who feel the government is NOW overspending. Where have their heads been all these years? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-in-taxday-indiana,0,4564617.story It is because they felt that no regulation was great that we are in this mess now. And their signs still have that they want "smaller government" and no intervention. Did they forget their pal Bush signed the first bailout of the banks? Yeah and with no oversight. Which is why they spent the money on spa visits, bonuses, and other "necessities." I love hearing the whining of the wall street peeps who complain that they cannot get good people because they aren't able to give out million dollar bonuses.

Let's not forget the car companies. I live in Michigan and all I see are MORE car ads. Okay, we have the highest rate of forecloses on houses. We have a higher rate of folks moving out of the state and lots of people still think we need to attract only manufacturers to this state--the heck with education! Yet, the car companies think that they can bail out their butts by asking the folks here to buy more cars. How? The fact that some of these companies see the wisdom in putting money into infrastructure is a great advance. Maybe we will be able to have some of the better technical service that some third world countries are now getting.

Okay, I vented! *feeling better now*