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Youka Nitta Controversy

Don't know if anyone (or perhaps I should say everyone) has had their say about the (now) 32 images that Youka Nitta copied from advertisements and other media for use in her manga. If you want to get up to speed either look at the discussion from the community here or you can go to ANN and see their article here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-07-12/embracing-love-nitta-acknowledges-tracing-photo

My interest is more in the comments from fans of all sorts. I am surprised at the number who do not feel it is any problem to steal the images if it gets the job done. Few, in fact, feel the companies and the creators of the images should be flattered by her use.

I do know that in the United States plagiarism is on the rise in schools. Studies show that many students feel that it is a necessary evil. The excuse is the same one given for Nitta--not enough time. (BTW, her excuse was that she did not know copyright laws.)

As someone who knows the hard work that goes into writing, drawing, photography, and even advertisement, I can't say I am not disappointed! Oh well ;-((