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Back to Writing

Well one thing taking time off for myself showed me last Spring, was that if I could avoid something then I do. But I finally got back to writing and it was fun. Hard but fun. Some nights I stayed up and plugged out 20 pages. Other days I was lucky to get out two. The lean times were depressing, but I managed.

Started experimenting using Siksika or for those not in the know, the Blackfoot language (Mom would have been proud, lol).So I had to write a trickster tale. It is winter, so that is the time to tell them (otherwise bad things happen).

Renewed my Gila Queen Guide to Markets as well. So we will see where this leads us. Hey, I admit that part of the motivation is seeing other Clarion classmates with 90 books and hundreds of short stories published. I feel like the dull bulb of the bunch!

OS competition can be good.