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Hello world!

Can't believe how long its been since I was on. Oh well. Maybe I will be better and keep up.

Wow, has it been that long?

I haven't been on here as much, and I forgot how I enjoyed the communities I joined. One thing that stopped me was the fact that LJ does not come up on my FB page anymore suggesting communities. Probably because I have too many gaming friends.

Each November I say I am going to take the challenge and write a novel. I never do! It is rather like the New Years resolutions that no one keeps. Maybe I should do what I do with those. Don't make them, but do what I need to do anyway. I'll forget about November and simply sit down and start revising short stories.

Cool webcomic

I just love the fantasy, horror, science fiction comics or manga that are actually creative and interesting. So this looks interesting so far. See what you think.


Now they are hanging Jimmy!

It seems that no one wants to bring "race" into the rhetoric. I agree that it does tend to have people circle the wagons and Obama has been above it. But he does have an interesting point about capabilities. Oh, well, go on over to Politico yourself to hear it. Most Dems threw him under the bus. I seriously wish they would get some and just stand up for once. They are making Obama wimpy like the rest of them too!


April 15th Protests

I really love the tax protesters who feel the government is NOW overspending. Where have their heads been all these years? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-in-taxday-indiana,0,4564617.story It is because they felt that no regulation was great that we are in this mess now. And their signs still have that they want "smaller government" and no intervention. Did they forget their pal Bush signed the first bailout of the banks? Yeah and with no oversight. Which is why they spent the money on spa visits, bonuses, and other "necessities." I love hearing the whining of the wall street peeps who complain that they cannot get good people because they aren't able to give out million dollar bonuses.

Let's not forget the car companies. I live in Michigan and all I see are MORE car ads. Okay, we have the highest rate of forecloses on houses. We have a higher rate of folks moving out of the state and lots of people still think we need to attract only manufacturers to this state--the heck with education! Yet, the car companies think that they can bail out their butts by asking the folks here to buy more cars. How? The fact that some of these companies see the wisdom in putting money into infrastructure is a great advance. Maybe we will be able to have some of the better technical service that some third world countries are now getting.

Okay, I vented! *feeling better now*

My color

Was thinking about getting into MTG and wondered what cards I should start collecting. Then I saw this quiz that gives you color. Thought I was either blue or white.

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.


Writer's Block: Tricky Questions

What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?

Mostly, it depends on who asks me. Usually I am asked by people needing advice.

Just scanning blogs

I have been annoying my friends with my sense of absurd by sending them blog links or parts of blogs. Might was well make that part of my LJ universe. Had to admit this had me snorting milk up my nose (well green tea actually). Hope you enjoy! http://politicalthirdrail.blogspot.com/2008/11/americans-with-no-abilities-act-awnaa.html

Pier 1 uRoom 1000 Giveaway

Just one of my mad glibs

Mad:)Glibs - free online Mad Libs
Greetings, Earthlings!
In the book War of the houses, the main character is an anonymous driver who records the arrival of dogs in Arlington. Needless to say, havoc reigns as the dogs continue to skipped everything in sight, until they are killed by the common water.